Book the NSPRA VP for Diversity Engagement for Your Chapter Meeting

NSPRA Vice President for Diversity Engagement Heidi Otero is offering an in-person or virtual workshop for NSPRA chapters during the 2019-2020 school year. 

Heidi VegaWorkshop Topic:
Are You Communicating a Reflection of Reality?

Is your district’s brand one of equity and inclusion? Are you accurately showcasing diversity that reflects the community you serve? From the images you are using to the teacher recruitment strategies, it all sends a message. During this 1.5 hour workshop, learn what contributes to delivering a message that your organization values its members and the students they represent.

Book a Presentation

To book a presentation for your next chapter meeting:

  1. Contact Heidi at or (602) 254-1100 about your interest, and provide possible dates for your chapter meeting. She’ll confirm as to whether those dates fit with her own job commitments. 
  2. Once a date is confirmed, discuss with Heidi:
    • Whether you prefer an in-person presentation or a virtual presentation via webinar.
    • If applicable, the best ways to reach your destination and the timing of the session. (Appoint a contact for logistics and equipment needs.)
    • The potential size of your audience.

    • All other pertinent information, including your commitment to pick up travel expenses for an in-person presentation and a possible honorarium for the NSPRA Foundation for the Advancement of Education
  3. Heidi will then respond to book the date and topic.