Book the NSPRA President for Your Chapter Meeting

2021-22 NSPRA Nicole Kirby, APR

During the 2021-22 school year, President Nicole Kirby, APR, is offering NSPRA chapters five presentation topics.  Find presentation descriptions and booking information below or download the informational flyer (PDF). All presentation lengths are one hour.

NSPRA President Nicole Kirby, APR, guest speaker flyerSession 1:  How to Plan for Success

If you map out your communication plan instead of just jumping in and winging it, you will see the difference in your results. You will also be able to save time by setting better boundaries for turning down work that doesn’t move you toward your goals. I will take you through the four-step strategic communication planning process. I also will share how my team uses this process to guide our work. This session will support your preparation to get your accreditation in public relations (APR).

Session 2: Hacked - Two Case Studies in Handling Data Security Crises

In 2012, a former employee compromised a lot of personally identifiable information from my district. In 2021, a ransomware attack shut down my district. I’ll take you through these two crises, sharing what we did right with communications and what we would do differently.

Session 3: All I Need to Know About Public Engagement I Learned from My Toddler

Parenting experts told me how powerful it is to listen to my child and validate his emotions. Public engagement is the same: We must create structures where we can authentically listen to people and show them that their voices made a difference. I’ll take you through a couple case studies in public engagement, looking through the lens of parenting a small child.

Session 4: Lessons Learned in the Pandemic – Strategy, Skills and Self-Care

will share all the best practices I learned so far during the pandemic, both from my own experience and from other top professionals around the United States and Canada. It has been hard, but there were some valuable lessons that we will carry forward. Learn strategies and tactics that we can all continue to use for everything from managing families’ anxiety to supporting safety to handling the overwhelming workload.

Session 5: The Power of the Pen – Effective Written Communication for School PR

To succeed in school PR, you must master strong writing that supports your strategic goals. Learn the keys to writing well, discover resources to support your progress, uncover the most common pitfalls, and practice your skills.

How to Book a Presentation

  1. Email with:
    • Possible dates and times,
    • Your desired topic,
    • The presentation format (virtual or in person) and audience size, and
    • Your commitment to pick up expenses if applicable. Honorariums may be made to the NSPRA Foundation for the Advancement of Education
  2. Nicole will respond to you directly to book the presentation.