Book the NSPRA President for Your Chapter Meeting

2019-20 NSPRA President Kelly Avants, APR

During the 2019-20 school year, incoming NSPRA President Kelly Avants, APR, will offer NSPRA chapters two workshop topics. 

Session 1:  From Tactician to Strategist – Earn the Communications Role a Spot at the Leadership Table

Kelly Avants, APROften, public relations professionals find themselves in a constant reactive, rather than proactive, mode battling blazes that could have been avoided.  Reputation management, crisis response, employee relations and other critical decisions all benefit from early communication planning; planning that starts at the highest level of organizational leadership.  

Positioning the role of communications at the leadership table is a critical characteristic of successful organizations, yet many school public relations professionals don’t have a seat at the table.

In this one-hour session, NSPRA President Kelly Avants, APR, delivers proven leadership principles and actions that can transform organizational understanding of the strategic value of public relations and communications. Tapping into her own 20+ years of experience, Kelly weaves real-life examples with transformational strategies.

Session 2: Dancing with the New News Media

How do we effectively get the messages of our schools before our public, manage controversy and maximize positive messages in a shrinking news hole that regularly emphasizes sensationalism over substance? 

In an era of transformed media coverage, the role of school communicator often feels like a constant dance for reputation management and accuracy in reporting. The reduction in the number of reporters covering education, the amount of available space in the traditional news media and the increasing role of opinion journalists who commandeer the public conversation from the anonymity of their personal computers calls for new strategies. And in this dance, there are key strategies that can be used to not only stay on your feet, but to lead the public conversation about your schools.

In this session, NSPRA President Kelly Avants, APR, focuses on six strategies and three practical tips to empower school communication professionals to take the lead in this high stakes dance.

Book a Presentation

  1. Email Kelly ( with possible dates. She’ll confirm if the dates work. 
  2. Once you select dates, choose your topic and chat with Kelly about the potential size of your audience.
  3. Advise her on the best ways to reach your destination and the timing of the session. Appoint a contact for logistics and equipment needs.
  4. Write to Kelly with all pertinent information, including your commitment to pick up expenses and a possible honorarium for the NSPRA Foundation for the Advancement of Education. Kelly will then respond to book the date and topic.