Book the NSPRA President for Your Chapter Meeting

NSPRA President Carol Fenstermacher, APR, is offering NSPRA chapters two workshop topics during the 2018-2019 school year. 

Session 1: How to Make a Communications Plan Your Road Map to Success

Carol Fenstermacher, APRYou wouldn’t start out on a cross-country road trip without looking at a map — or plugging in your final destination to your GPS, so why not map out a plan to help accomplish your communication goals?

During this presentation, we’ll go step-by-step on how to develop a communications plan. Together we’ll:

  • Determine where you want to go and identify the roadblocks that may get in your way,
  • Look at issues that may cause unplanned detours,
  • Identify audiences and talk about what they want to hear vs. what you want them to hear, and 
  • Talk about costs. 

We’ll discuss how to set goals and objectives and what tools and tactics will make the journey easier. And finally, we’ll look at ways you can ensure your plan doesn’t just gather dust on a bookshelf. Hint: It has to do with your evaluation.

This session can be a straight presentation or more of a workshop where each person actually puts together a communications plan. Carol can also incorporate some crisis communication planning into the presentation.

Session 2: My Top Ten Rules for Success in School PR

After more than 30 years in communications — 19 in school PR, these are my top ten rules to survive just about anything that gets thrown at me. During this presentation, we’ll take a look at why I came up with these rules, the stories behind each rule (some are pretty funny), and we’ll explore how the equity and diversity work I have been involved with impact these rules. 

We’ll look at how you can apply these rules to your career. Who knows? We may even come up with a few more rules before the session is over. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Rule 1: It’s not about you — until it becomes about you
  • Rule 2: Have a plan and work it
  • Rule 3: If it’s happening in your community, it’s your issue
  • Rule 4: It doesn’t matter if it’s in your job description, it’s your job
  • Rule 5: You are a professional. Be one
  • Rule 6: Be flexible. Exercise to be nimble
  • Rule 7: Never stop learning
  • Rule 8: Ethics — know yours
  • Rule 9: Know your weaknesses
  • Rule 10: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Book a Presentation

To book a presentation for your next chapter meeting:

  1. Email Carol at about your interest, and provide possible dates for your chapter meeting. She’ll confirm as to whether those dates fit with her own job commitments. 
  2. Once a date is confirmed, discuss with Carol:
    • Your preferred session topic.
    • The potential size of your audience.
    • The best ways to reach your destination and the timing of the session. (Appoint a contact for logistics and equipment needs.)
    • All other pertinent information, including your commitment to pick up expenses and a possible honorarium for the NSPRA Foundation for the Advancement of Education
  3. Carol will then respond to book the date and topic.