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Welcome to All In for Public Education, NSPRA’s advocacy resource for those seeking strategies and tactics to build more support for public education.

Just about everyone agrees that public schools face more competition than any time in the past. Many also note that there is a well-planned and systematic effort to privatize and dismantle public education by nibbling away at the very best public education has to offer while piling on more regulations and rules. Many pro-public education advocates have begun drawing a line and saying, “Enough is enough.”

The time to be proactive is now. If education leaders and their supporters don’t do it, who will?

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Move to Privatize Public Ed Stirs Motivation

It is NSPRA’s belief that the move to privatize public education can be used as a motivational tool by school officials. We need to make the case for public education, speak truth to power and fight back when others make false statements and claims that rip at the very foundation of our great nation.

Public schools serve more than 49.5 million children and represent an estimated and whopping $591 billion industry in the United States. NSPRA believes we need to keep the focus on what’s best for children, not private investors. We know that the more than 6.1 million people who work in public education do so because they are dedicated to teaching all children well. They are All In for Public Education.

NSPRA believes that public dollars should go to public schools that are open and accessible to all children, and governed by locally elected boards of education. NSPRA also believes that all children deserve access to a great public school. We believe that parents should have the opportunity, where possible, to choose the appropriate school for their children. And, we applaud the innovative school districts that are creating a wide range of school options within the public school framework.

Yet we also recognize that private choices have public consequences, and that the kids who need public education the most are the ones most likely to get left behind in a market-based competition for students, teaching talent, parent involvement and the other human and financial resources that help good schools thrive. That’s why we’re all in for public education.

All In for Public Education is designed as a collective web resource to bring you some of the best advocacy tactics, articles and insight on becoming a stronger advocate for public education. We have divided the resources into 6 sections to make it easier for you to grab the resources you need in your advocacy efforts.

They are: